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Question 1 Answer:

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. A browser is an interface used for interpreting HTML files.
Three internet browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Question 2 Answer:

HTML is updated and maintained by W3C Recommendation.

Question 3 Answer:

We are learning HTML 5, the most recent version of HTML.

Question 4 Answer:

Empty tags are tags with no content. Examples of empty tags are line breaks, horizontal rule, and images.

Question 5 Answer:

The paragraph tag specifies a paragraph of text. It is preferred to keep all tags lowercase, but either uppercase or lowercase will work just the same.

Question 6 Answer:

Examples of website structures are folders, subfolders, and the root directory.

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Question 8 Answer:
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Question 9 Answer:

100 < 50 is a true statement.
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Question 12 Answer:

go to MSN
go to Ebay
go to Google
go to Yahoo